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Hewlett-Packard Retired Employees Massachusetts

We are a club of (mostly) retired employees of the Hewlett-Packard / Agilent / Philips evolution of companies headquartered in eastern Massachusetts (Waltham, Andover, now Cambridge, where Sanborn actually started), producing (mostly) medical electronic devices.  Our primary activities are 3 lunch socials (spring, fall, holiday), a newsletter, and this website.

hpREM is a social organization that provides opportunities for former coworkers to stay in touch with each other through social gatherings, newsletters, and such functions as the members desire. Despite the name, a member does not have to be a retiree.

hpREM began as “Hewlett Packard Retired Employees of Massachusetts” similar to a sister organization in California (hpREC). HP became a Massachusetts employer in 1961 with its purchase of the Sanborn Company, a manufacturer of medical electronic equipment. The medical portion of HP was spun off as a part of Agilent Technologies in the late 1990s and was subsequently purchased by Philips in 2000.


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