We are glad you’re here! If you are a new or renewing member, you’re in the right place.  Please print the PDF link belowhpREM 2021 New Member Application & Renewal Form” and follow the instructions to mail in your dues.  If you have any questions or have trouble with the form please contact us, sending an email to: hpremcentral@gmail.com

hpREM 2021 New Member Application & Renewal Form

There is a checklist at the bottom of the application to ensure we receive all the needed information for your membership.

__ Please complete the form starting with first and last name,
__ sign
__ initial General Conditions
__ write a check payable to hpREM for $10.00 and note: 2021 Dues
__ mail form and check to HP REM 24 Filips Glen Dr., Manchester, NH 03109-5067